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The orthodontist you choose matters

The orthodontist you choose matters. By selecting the best, you can get a perfect smile comfortably in less time. Also, you will enjoy the experience by picking a friendly, professional orthodontist and team.

Your Smile Deserves a Smile Specialist

When it comes to treatments like Invisalign or braces, you need a smile specialist –that’s an orthodontist. Remember, while some general dentists offer these treatments, an orthodontist has years of additional education and experience in perfecting smiles. 

Orthodontists are experts in diagnosing orthodontic problems and designing the best custom treatment plans. So, they recommend the best treatments to progress toward a healthy, beautiful smile. As you work on your smile, you can get results faster and more comfortably.

When it comes to your smile, you deserve the best care possible. And, orthodontists like Dr. Harman and Dr. Jay Joshi help you get the smile you always wanted for life! With the latest technologies, treatment is faster and more convenient than ever. 

Platinum Plus Invisalign Provider

Invisalign is a popular treatment because it’s so discreet, convenient, and effective. At H2O Orthodontics, you have access to the most experienced Invisalign providers. We’re proud to be Platinum Plus providers who have helped create beautiful smiles for people of all ages.

By choosing an experienced orthodontist, you ensure that the results will be spectacular. However, you’ll still enjoy faster results and affordable financing that fits your budget. Importantly, you’ll avoid potential problems, inconveniences, and setbacks. 

Don’t open yourself up to the risks that come with inexperienced doctors or dangerous at-home kits. 

The orthodontist you choose matters because they provide safe, effective, efficient treatment.

Choose a Comfortable, Fun Environment!

Our patients regularly give us rave reviews and refer us to their friends and family. For example, please check out our Testimonials page, which has videos of our smiling patients.

When you choose Hedi Harman (H2O) Orthodontics, you can enjoy a fun, comfortable, high-tech environment. Our goals are to exceed your expectations in all areas. Thus, we place a high value on excellent communication, service, and patient privacy.

We love creating perfect smiles in the Kansas City, MO/Plaza area. So, we have lots of fun in an inviting atmosphere. While you wait, there’s an entertainment area for kids and adults. And, we always go the extra mile to make your visits as convenient and enjoyable as possible. 

Many times, our patients look forward to their next appointments. By choosing H2O Orthodontics, your treatment can be a positive and even life-changing experience. Very often, we see more self-confidence and always see more smiles. 


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Today, we’re going the extra mile to keep everyone safe! We look forward to showing you why the orthodontist you choose matters.



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