SureSmile vs. Traditional Braces


H2O Orthodontics is proud to offer SureSmile braces to our patients. There is no other orthodontic treatment which provides the accuracy of SureSmile. Your smile can be designed with great precision using this revolutionary treatment option.

Better Treatment with SureSmile

With SureSmile, 3-D technology is used to move teeth more efficiently and directly into their proper position. Your orthodontist does not have to manually bend wires one by one into position as the wires used are robotically bent to your orthodontist’s specification. These “smart” archwires permanently retain the individual prescription and are activated by your body heat.

Saves Time

You are probably aware of the fact that wearing conventional braces is a long-term commitment which takes over two years on average. SureSmile can reduce the time spent in braces by 30% or more, saving you an average of eight months in treatment. Your teeth do not mov e quicker with SureSmile but rather they move directly into their desired positions.

SureSmile vs Conventional Braces


With conventional braces, plaster models and X-rays are used. With SureSmile, your orthodontist is provided with a detailed 3-D computer model of your teeth to plan individual tooth movements throughout the treatment process. With the 3-D model, your orthodontist can see your teeth and how they fit together from any angle. In contrary, with conventional treatment, the finished positions of your teeth are developed over time by viewing the progress at frequent monitoring visits.

Once your orthodontist determines your SureSmile treatment plan, a robot is directed to bend a Shape-Memory Alloy archwire according to your prescription. With conventional braces, your orthodontist must bend archwires by hand during each appointment, requiring on-going re-adjustment over the entire course of treatment.

What Doctors Have to Say About SureSmile

Orthodontists leveraging SureSmile orthodontic technology report that SureSmile braces have positive impacts on their practices and patients. Doctors repeatedly describe the opportunity of being able to see the bone on the SureSmile 3-D imaging diagnostic software as “revolutionary”. Prior to having this technology available doctors were forced to make educated guesses as to where exactly the bone is which supports a tooth.

Orthodontists also bring up the fact that SureSmile provides “perfectly finished cases” as the 3-D world is moved into the field of orthodontics. Teeth can be manipulated into the perfect position using the SureSmile diagnostic software. In short, doctor after doctor who uses SureSmile reports being amazed by the results.

What Patients are Saying

Patients who have worn SureSmile braces appreciate the shorter treatment time SureSmile offers. They also are delighted with the fact that they were left with the smiles they have always dreamed of once their treatment is finished. The excellent results obtained give SureSmile patients the confidence to smile and to feel good about how they look.