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Paula – Olathe, KS

Extraction Free Orthodontic Treatment for Crowding and Gaps in Your Children’s Smiles:

Dr. Heidi Harman was highly recommended by our new physician, and I made the appointment. Dr. Harman and her staff were very knowledgeable on the most recent orthodontic procedures and how to approach our daughter’s specific mouth concerns. A plan of action was conceived and the procedure began without extractions. We are now two years into our daughter’s orthodontic journey, and an incredible change has taken place with her teeth and her smile. Although the braces are still on, we expect to have them removed by spring and her smile will be beautiful. Our son has also started with Dr. Harman even though he is only 8 years old. At the age of 7, Dr. Harman placed an expander in his mouth to create more room for the adult teeth. He also had a large gap in his front teeth, to which Dr. Harman placed brackets to correct the gap. In less than one month, the gap was gone, and I was amazed. We are now waiting for the additional teeth to come into place for treatment to continue. We have been extremely pleased with the expertise, cleanliness of the facilities and the kindness to which we have been shown. If you are considering Dr. Harman as the next step in you or your child’s orthodonture, look no more — she is your answer.