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Karen – Overland Park, KS

Early and Adult Orthodontic Treatment with Braces for the Whole Family:

My daughter and I had orthodontic treatment from Dr. Heidi Harman and her staff. Our dentist initially recommended us to H2O. My daughter started treatment with H2O when she was in the third grade. She was totally finished with her treatment by the eighth grade. After discussing some bite problems I was having, I, too, decided to be treated by H2O. My daughter and I are both very pleased with the results. My daughter’s smile is beautiful. She even had difficulties with some pronunciation of words, but all of that was corrected with the ortho treatments. She now is a confident high school student who loves her smile. Due to problems with my bite, I was chipping my teeth. With the corrections that H2O made, I have a good smile and have not chipped any more teeth. The staff at H2O was always professional, courteous and friendly. We were never kept waiting. We were always seen by a staff member and checked by Dr. Harman. I would recommend Dr. Harman and H2O to anyone who wants a beautiful, healthy smile.