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How Often Do You Go To The Orthodontist For Braces?

The initial visit to a Kansas City orthodontist should occur by the age of seven years old, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. At this age, the jaws and permanent teeth are still growing, which allows for optimum treatment.

How Often Should I Visit An Orthodontist For Braces?

Patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment should expect to visit with an orthodontist such as Dr. Harman about every four to eight weeks. During these routine visits, a Kansas City orthodontist is able to monitor and supervise progress, and may tighten the braces or replace wires as needed.

How Often Should I Visit An Orthodontist For Invisalign?

On the other hand, patients with Invisalign or Invisalign Teen typically need to visit with an orthodontist every four to six weeks in order to make sure their treatment is on schedule as planned. Invisalign is removable, therefore the progress is based on the diligence of the patient, making sure clear aligners are worn throughout the day as prescribed.

Do I Need To Continue Visiting An Orthodontist After My Braces Are Off?

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, Dr. Harman may still want to see you on a regular basis to ensure your alignment is correct and teeth don’t start shifting back to their old positions. If this begins to happen, an orthodontist may use a retainer to maintain and solidify proper alignment. Retainers often cause the need for more visits to avoid the need for them permanently later in life.

The Importance Of  Keeping Appointments With Your Orthodontist

No matter what orthodontic treatment a patient undergoes, it is important to keep your scheduled appointments with a Kansas City orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment is considered to be progressive, which means that changes happen over time. As a result, missing visits with your orthodontist may cause progress to get off track. Our team is dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure treatment results, however, it’s up to the patient to follow through with routine check-ups.

Finding Out How Often You Should Go To The Orthodontist For Braces

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