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Have You Ever Wondered How Orthodontics Works?

Orthodontia may seem extremely complicated and sometimes overwhelming for some patients in Midtown, KC, but H2O Orthodontics patients are treated to feel at ease throughout the entire treatment process.

We’ve created this cheat sheet that will help to answer any questions you may have about orthodontia in Midtown, KC:

  1. At what age should I or my child seek orthodontic treatment?

Dr. Heidi Harman says that this question has no right answer; every individual has a different set of teeth and different needs for orthodontic treatment in Midtown, KC. H2O Orthodontics specializes in providing treatment to both children and adults. H2O Orthodontics suggests a childhood examination at around age seven. This is the age when most of our teeth have all grown, and it allows Dr. Harman and the team at H2O Orthodontics to stay on top of any orthodontic issues before they become big issues!

  1. How do I know which kind of braces are right for me?

The answer to this is simple; you don’t have to know! When you come to our orthodontic office in Midtown, KC for an appointment, Dr. Harman and the H2O Orthodontics team will examine your mouth and evaluate what will need to be done in terms of length and complexity of the orthodontic treatment. Dr. Harman will work with you to decide which kind of braces best suits your lifestyle. So don’t worry, H2O Orthodontics will help figure out what is right for you and will give you the proper guidance for your orthodontics in Midtown, KC.

  1. Can I just get Invisalign from my dentist?

Recently, many dentists in Midtown, KC have started to offer orthodontic treatments with Invisalign. While working with your general dentist may seem like a more convenient option, it is a much better idea to get Invisalign from H2O Orthodontics. Dr. Heidi Harman is a certified orthodontist, which means straightening and realigning teeth is her specialty. Unlike a dentist, Dr. Harman has seen many cases and treated all kinds of patients with Invisalign and other systems. This experience allows for better accuracy and outstanding results. Plus, the H2O Orthodontics staff is here to help you integrate the Invisalign system into your lifestyle and make your orthodontics experience in Midtown, KC as enjoyable as possible.


Do you have more questions? Do you want to learn more about orthodontics? Do you just want somewhere to get started? We look forward to helping you pave the way to a better and brighter smile! H2O Orthodontics in Midtown, KC is happy to help. To set up an appointment or for more information, call us at (913) 782-7223.