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Edwin A. Cortez, M.D., F.A.C.S. – Leawood, KS

Physician Recommended Orthodontic Treatment for All Ages:

I am a cosmetic surgeon who is very aware of the importance of good dental occlusion both for functional and cosmetic reasons. When my general dentist told me that even though I’d had orthodontics as a teenager, my occlusion was off significantly and that my teeth and jaw joints could be injured, I immediately began inquiring in the dental community about orthodontists. Everyone that I contacted about orthodontic care gave me the same name, Heidi Harman. I was told that she was an astute diagnostician, excellent technician and a very caring professional. Four years ago Heidi Harman did my orthodontics for a period of 18 months. All I can say is that my referrals were absolutely correct. My care was terrific, and my results were outstanding. Currently, my son is undergoing orthodontics with Dr. Harman, and both of my nieces have been treated by her. I refer all of my patients, family members and friends to Dr. Harman. Her expertise in orthodontics, great office atmosphere and staff make her No. 1 on my referral list. If you need any personal recommendations, don’t hesitate to call me.