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Are DIY Clear Aligners Effective?

Why You Should Avoid DIY Orthodontics

There are a few things best left to professionals. When considering DIY clear aligners, H2O Orthodontics hopes to inform you that your health ought to be your main priority when choosing orthodontic care. We know that you want the most beautiful results of your orthodontic care. Your safety and health go hand-in-hand when choosing to improve your appearance via clear aligners. You may be wondering: are DIY clear aligners effective? Learning to practice orthodontics takes years of work in school, residency programs, and even afterward when you are updating your skills as a practitioner. Do you really want to put your health in your hands? 

Should I Opt to Do it Myself?

In the opinion of the American Association of Orthodontists, you should avoid DIY clear aligners no matter how effective or clever their marketing strategy may be. A number of online orthodontic providers are aiming their products at you. Mail-order companies make promises that their clear aligners will be an effective and easy solution. They don’t tell you that you will in large part be on your own. Are you comfortable creating your own molds or scanning your own teeth to proceed with your treatment? You better be if you are choosing this form of aligners. When you see an orthodontist you are able to professionally address problems from more than just a scanned image. Orthodontists are able to get to know you and your unique situation. Dr. Harman and Dr. Joshi are our resident orthodontists. They are proven in their field and can address all of your orthodontic questions.

Dangers of DIY

Poor orthodontic treatment can lead to a great number of problems down the road. When you are considering DIY orthodontics you are putting yourself at risk and totally jeopardizing the effectiveness of your treatment. A solution that seems to save money in the short course may actually end up becoming a costly mistake further down the road. Our advice would be to steer clear of DIY clear aligners unless you too are a qualified orthodontist! If you are still wondering: “Are DIY clear aligners effective?” Yes, they are! They can effectively ruin an otherwise healthy mouth if used improperly.

Getting Real Results

Although you may think you are moving closer toward your orthodontic goals by selecting DIY orthodontics, this may not be the case. In fact, you may be moving very far away from your goal. Creating an unhealthy situation from the improper alignment that can set you back more money, and cost you more time in an orthodontist’s office. Don’t try this at home. Leave your clear aligners to the professionals. See how H2O Orthodontics can get you on your way to better orthodontic health at an affordable price. Schedule a consultation today.