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What is Two-Phase Orthodontics?

Every patient in Paola, KS is completely different, and their orthodontic treatment should be as well. At H2Orthodontics, our primary goal is to help our patients achieve beautiful and functional smiles, easily, comfortably, and successfully. One of the ways we do this for some patients is through two-phase treatment. But what is two-phase treatment? What are its benefits? Is it right for you? H2Orthodontics will answer all these questions, below.

What is Two-Phase Treatment?

Two-Phase Treatment in Paola, KS is an orthodontic approach that allows patients to get straighter, better smiles, earlier on and with less complexity. It does so by breaking the treatment into 3 sections: phase I treatment, a resting period, and phase II.

Phase I, also sometimes referred to as early intervention, begins in childhood, and is meant to alter the jaw and mouth. During Phase I, children typically ranging 7-10 years old, undergo minor orthodontic treatments that help to eliminate any bite problems, correct jaw misalignments, and create a better environment for the adult teeth later on. Dr. Harman will provide Phase I patients with expanders, removable appliances (similar to retainers), or braces, to get the desired result.

Then, H2Orthodontics recommends a resting period, during which the adult teeth erupt. Throughout this time, patients in Paola, KS should continue to visit the H2Orthodontics office for checkups, and begin planning the Phase II orthodontic treatment.

Phase II often begins between the ages of 11-13, and is the final stage of orthodontics in Paola, KS. During Phase II, Dr. Harman puts traditional metal braces, Invisalign, or another kind of braces on the teeth to realign the new adult teeth, and complete the correction of any remaining bite problems. This phase is short, and is meant to make final, minor adjustments to the new teeth, solidifying the proper positions and achieving the desired results.

What are the benefits of Two-Phase Treatment?

The goal of Two-Phase treatment is to reduce the complexity of treatment required later on. In other words, by creating a better environment for the adult teeth in Phase I, the steps needed to complete treatment in Phase II will be much less complex, require less time, and be more convenient for patients in Paola, KS. Two-phase orthodontics often eliminates the need for extractions and other potentially painful procedures, and Dr. Harman says that two-phase treatment could open up the option of Invisalign or other appliances that may not have originally been suitable for some cases. Additionally, patients who get two-phase treatment from H2Orthodontics spend only a small time in the final phases, as opposed to patients who elect only to undergo treatment with braces in Paola, KS once.

Is my child a good candidate for Two-Phase Treatment?

Two-Phase treatment is not for everyone, however many patients in Paola, KS may find this to be the best orthodontic approach for them. Dr. Harman would be happy to set up an appointment with you and your child to determine if Two-Phase treatment is right for his or her specific case. To learn more about how Two-phase treatment works, and how it could work to your child’s benefit, Contact H2Orthodontics at (913)782-7223.