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  • Sinus & Airway

    Sinus and Airway ENT Treatment - Overland Park & Olathe KS, Kansas City MO

    Did you know that orthodontic treatment can help to manage airway development in growing children? Airway obstruction can lead to a variety of issues such as mouth breathing, abnormal dental development, malocclusion, and sleep apnea to name a few.

    Causes of Airway Obstruction:

    • Small / High / Narrow Palate
    • Small / Short / Retruded Lower Jaw
    • Class II Malocclusion / Over-Jet / Under-Jet

    Chronic Mouth Breathing:

    Chronic mouth breathing can lead to a variety of bite problems, such as over-jet, open bite, crowding, Class II malocclusion and cross-bite.

    Early Treatment:

    Orthodontist can help to screen children for signs of mouth breathing, malocclusions, and other airway obstructing conditions such as sleep apnea. With early intervention, orthodontists are able to detect and help to prevent growth abnormalities which can lead to future breathing problems and bite problems.

    Orthodontic appliances such as a palate expander can be used to help widen upper teeth, which has been proven to help improve the upper airway in children.

    For more information on correcting sinus and airway problems through orthodontic treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Harman.

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