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  • Headache Relief

    Headache Treatment - Overland Park & Olathe KS, Kansas City MO

    Treatment for Headaches in Overland Park, Olathe, and Kansas City

    With thousands of residents in the area annually having at least occasional recurring head pain, orthodontist Dr. Heidi Harman offers a holistic treatment plan that is a proven strategy for relieving chronic headache pain. Her system offers a drug-free, needle-free, and pain-free program for long-lasting pain relief.

    Do you experience one or more of the following:

    • One or more chronic headaches a week?
    • Two or more missed days of work a month due to headaches?
    • Pain in your jaw, face, neck, shoulders, and arms for longer than a year?
    • Ringing or fullness in your ears?

    Would you like your headache pain relief to be:

    • Drug-free?
    • Pain-free?
    • Long-lasting?
    • From state-of-the-art-technology?

    If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, Dr. Harman can help!

    Research has shown that the causes of chronic migraines, tension headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, TMJ/TMD, and face, jaw, and neck pain may all be inter-connected. The cause could be unbalanced forces in your mouth that affect the muscles of these areas. This leads to changes in the chemical and nerve reactions that result in chronic pain. Additionally, painful symptoms could result from an accident, head trauma, bad posture, or other underlying conditions.

    By treating the cause of the pain through orthodontic treatment and not just the symptoms, Dr. Harman provides long-lasting pain relief. For more information about holistic options for headache relief, please call 913-782-7223.