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Tim and Maureen – Overland Park, KS

Orthodontic Treatment for Patients with Structural Damage to Their Jaw:

Our daughter, Taylor, went to see Dr. Harman for a consult in March 2006. It was suggested that she might need braces. During her consultation exam, Dr. Harman found a cyst that was causing extensive damage to our daughter’s jaw. This cyst was undetected by our family dentist and another orthodontist. Taylor had the cyst surgically removed and began her treatment with Dr. Harman the following July. Dr. Harman has had many other obstacles in treating Taylor. She did a fabulous job of coordinating with our new dentist and the oral surgeons who had to do further work with Taylor. We would, without reservation, recommend Dr. Harman to anyone needing braces. In fact, our other children will soon be her patients.