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Five Questions to Ask at an Orthodontic Consultation

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What questions should I ask? For folks who want to improve the appearance of their smile, the effectiveness of their bite, and/or their overall oral and dental health, feeling in charge of their orthodontic treatment decisions and feeling prepared for their initial consultation is important. During your initial consultation with Heidi Harman Orthodontics, Dr. Heidi Harman will answer your questions about orthodontics and your oral health. If orthodontic treatment is indicated, Dr. Heidi Harman and the team at Heidi Harman …


How Can Orthodontic Treatment Advance My Career?

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Lots of studies claim that a hiring manager or human resources representative will make their hiring decision about a candidate within the first few minutes of meeting them (“90 seconds,” “3-to-five minutes,” “instantly” are all the timeframes quoted); that is, before talking to the candidate, learning about them, questioning them, etc. It is simply human nature to react to something by evaluating the visual information we receive. That’s why we sport a clean shirt, spiffy suit, and neat hair when meeting a hiring manager for the first time. But consider the condition of your teeth and/or gums when presenting yourself to a prospective employer as the best you that you can be. We brush, of course, and perhaps pop a breath mint before the meeting, but are these enough? Through orthodontic treatment with Dr. Harman and the team at Heidi Harman Orthodontics near Raytown, MO, you can look your best for any interview!


Smile Tips & Tricks Celebrities Use

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    Dr. Heidi Harman and Dr. Joe Moon and the staff at Heidi Harman Orthodontics help their patients near Grandview, MO achieve red-carpet-worthy smiles through orthodontic treatment with braces and Invisalign. Maintenance of the teeth and gums is important in keeping one’s smile camera-ready, even for the close-up shot. Fame requires diligence to achieve, and so does a celebrity-quality smile. What makes a celebrity-quality smile? Celebrities cannot count on Photoshop anymore to give their teeth their whitest, straightest, healthiest …


How Do I Keep My Invisalign Clean?

If you have recently been fitted for Invisalign clear aligners, the team at Heidi Harman Orthodontics would like to congratulate you on getting one step closer to a confident and healthy smile! Dr. Heidi Harman knows that while Invisalign is in your mouth doing the important work of straightening teeth, it’s also crucial to keep your Invisalign tray clean. The Heidi Harman Orthodontics (H2O) team recommends that their patients near Lock Loyd, MO follow these tips to keep their Invisalign …