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How Braces Work for Patients in Leawood, KS


Braces are the go-to orthodontic treatment for children and adults in Leawood, KS. Braces from H2Orthodontics help properly align the teeth, making for a better functioning mouth, as well as a beautiful, straight smile. Many people are eager to get their teeth straightened, but really have no idea how it is that braces do what they do. H2Orthodontics wants to teach you the mechanics behind braces, so that you can better understand why your treatment is truly so amazing! How Braces Work …

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Tips for Choosing an Invisalign Provider

Tips for Choosing an Invisalign Provider

  Most of us are not born with that bold, beautiful and perfect candid celebrity smile. In fact,most well known celebrities are not born with their smile either! However, that near-perfect smile is now at your reach with the help Dr. Heidi Harman of H2O Orthodontics near Westwood Hills, KS. Basic orthodontic treatment is here to help your teeth stay strong, healthy, and well-aligned; however, we’re often reluctant when it comes to the prospect of having to wear unsightly and …

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No Age Limit When It Comes to Braces

For adults who are considering braces, orthodontic treatment often seems like a major hassle. But it shouldn’t have to be! H2O Orthodontics believes that all patients should have a positive experience with orthodontics that goes smoothly and painlessly, and that they should never feel like orthodontic treatment is weighing them down. That is why we at H2O Orthodontics have made a list of ways that you can maximize your treatment with braces for adults near Gardner, KS. Pick a treatment …

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