How Braces Work for Patients in Leawood, KS


Braces are the go-to orthodontic treatment for children and adults in Leawood, KS. Braces from H2Orthodontics help properly align the teeth, making for a better functioning mouth, as well as a beautiful, straight smile. Many people are eager to get their teeth straightened, but really have no idea how it is that braces do what they do. H2Orthodontics wants to teach you the mechanics behind braces, so that you can better understand why your treatment is truly so amazing!

How Braces Work

Braces in Leawood, KS are composed of several parts, which all work together to move the teeth by applying pressure. While of course the braces parts collectively work to guide the bone and teeth to the proper positioning, they each play their own specific role as well. The brackets are the small square pieces that attach firmly to the front of the teeth. The brackets act as an anchor for the archwires. The archwires are the metal wires that stretch over the row of teeth. They help to guide the movement of the teeth, pulling them gently to the right shape and space. The elastics or rubber bands for braces, if you have them, are attached to hooks and work between the upper and lower teeth to achieve proper alignment. All of these components together allow braces from H2Orthodontics to help patients near the Leawood, KS area attain straight teeth and better alignment. A little pressure goes a long way!

How Retainers Work

Retainers from H2Orthodontics are a hugely important part of orthodontic treatment in Leawood. Retainers come in many shapes and sizes, and can be removable or permanent. Regardless of the type, retainers in Leawood, KS work to keep the teeth in their proper positions. Once the braces come off, teeth begin to shift. Retainers stabilize the bones and gums so that the teeth stay firmly in their beautiful new places. Retainers at times may be a little painful since they are forcing movement of the teeth, but don’t worry, the pain will go away and just means that your retainer is working properly.

How to Get These Appliances to Work for You

So, now that you know how these orthodontic treatment systems work, you may be wondering what they can do for you. H2Orthodontics says braces can solve a huge range of orthodontic problems. In addition to crooked teeth, braces help with “malocclusion” or incorrect bite. If you suffer from overbite, underbite, openbite, or other bite problems, braces can be your solution. Braces can also help to increase your oral health. By having straight teeth, less food and bacteria will become trapped, lowering the risk for gum disease. Additionally, better bites guarantee better jaw health, and proper chewing, which is beneficial to overall body health. If braces in Leawood, KS sound like they might be a good fit for you, set up a consultation with H2Orthodontics.

Types of Braces Heidi Harman Orthodontics Offers:

  • Metal Braces
  • Damon Brackets
  • Clear Ceramic Braces
  • Gold Plated Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Invisalign Teen


Dr. Harman will meet with you to assess your specific needs, and will help create a plan that will get braces to suit your goals and your lifestyle near Leawood, KS. Or, if you have recently come out of orthodontic treatment and need to look into retention, H2Orthodontics will be happy to help with this as well. 

Dr. Heidi Harman and the team at Heidi Harman Orthodontic are experts in Braces. If you have any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces and clear braces in Leawood KS, Johnson County KS, Kansas City MO, Loch Lloyd MO and Grandview MO or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Heidi Harman contact Heidi Harman Orthodontics at: 816-326-8944.



Tips for Choosing an Invisalign Provider

Tips for Choosing an Invisalign Provider


Most of us are not born with that bold, beautiful and perfect candid celebrity smile. In fact,most well known celebrities are not born with their smile either! However, that near-perfect smile is now at your reach with the help Dr. Heidi Harman of H2O Orthodontics near Westwood Hills, KS.

Basic orthodontic treatment is here to help your teeth stay strong, healthy, and well-aligned; however, we’re often reluctant when it comes to the prospect of having to wear unsightly and uncomfortable braces for any amount of time. The good news is Dr. Harman can provide you with that beautiful straight smile and healthy mouth you’ve always wanted without the use of braces at all!

What can Invisalign provide for me?

If used properly, Invisalign is the new and clear alternative to braces that can help you get the smile you’ve been working toward! The Invisalign treatment option is available for anyone who is ready for regular traditional braces, and can be used to treat all different types of orthodontic cases. However, before you decide on a treatment plan with Invisalign near Westwood Hills, KS, it is important to contact us at H2O Orthodontics and ask Dr. Harman and her team these questions:

  1. Are you certified by Invisalign?

  2. How long have you been using Invisalign to treat your cases?

  3. Do you prefer to use Invisalign or braces in my/my child’s case?

  4. Do you use the latest advancements in technology to obtain the best results with Invisalign?

  5. Do you have any before and after pictures of your patients who used Invisalign?

To answer the first question right here for you, our team here at H2O provides you with the proper orthodontic care and treatment necessary for you to start using Invisalign today! We’re here to help you get any and all the information you’re looking for to see if Invisalign is the right treatment option for you or your child. Upon deciding between both Invisalign and braces, you want to know that there are significant differences between both treatment plans; both having their own benefits and downfalls.

Invisalign VS. Braces:

Invisalign treatment is very innovative in comparison to traditional braces, due to their comfort fit and convenience. Although Invisalign is found to treat most cases, there are some patients who are found too far-gone for treatment with Invisalign that only other treatments such as braces can give a quicker and more affordable fix. One upside that many patients find as a benefit for Invisalign over the traditional braces is that the aligners are removable, giving you the flexibility in both your dietary needs and an easy cleaning. Where some find this a convenience, others may find as a downfall. In the end, it all comes down to what you’re looking for, and Dr. Harman can help you see if this is the right treatment option for you.

Since it’s relatively new to the field of orthodontics, it’s important to choose an orthodontist like Dr. Harman who has quite a few years of experience using this method to straighten patients’ teeth. This high-tech system revolves around creating precise scans of your bite using our 3D computer imaging system. We will design personal Invisalign aligners at the H2O Orthodontics office via computer, and gradually shift each tooth individually until they are perfectly aligned.

Due to our experience with Invisalign near Westwood Hills, KS, we find that treatment with it is typically as effective as regular braces in the most frequent orthodontic issues we treat at H2O Orthodontics. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about Dr. Heidi Harman and the team, call us today at (913) 782-7223.

No Age Limit When It Comes to Braces

For adults who are considering braces, orthodontic treatment often seems like a major hassle. But it shouldn’t have to be! H2O Orthodontics believes that all patients should have a positive experience with orthodontics that goes smoothly and painlessly, and that they should never feel like orthodontic treatment is weighing them down. That is why we at H2O Orthodontics have made a list of ways that you can maximize your treatment with braces for adults near Gardner, KS.

Pick a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle = The first step in making sure that your orthodontic treatment goes well is selecting a treatment plan that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. At H2O Orthodontics, our adult patients have many treatment options, including traditional metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign near Gardner, KS. Each of these has their own pros and cons, but the most important thing to think about when picking which system to use, is which one you will best be able to care for, clean, and monitor. For example, clear braces sometimes require more careful care, as they are easier to stain and break. So, if you are patient who does not have time to devote to this, it may be best to choose a more flexible option, such as Invisalign, which is removable and easy to clean.  On the other hand, if you are extremely busy and tend to lose things or have a lot on your plate, Invisalign may not be the best option for you, as its removable nature makes it easy to misplace or forget. Dr. Heidi Harman will meet with you and discuss each system to help you determine what is right for you. 

Make sure to keep your adjustment appointments = When undergoing orthodontic treatment near Gardner, KS, you will need to come by the H2O Orthodontics office a few times for adjustment appointments. During these appointments, Dr. Heidi Harman will check on your progress and make any adjustments to your appliance that are needed to keep your teeth moving correctly. It is crucial that you attend all of these appointments, and avoid postponing them if possible. This way, your treatment will always be running on time and will likely finish earlier. Any setback in treatment, even if it is small, may compromise the timing of your treatment. 

Use appliances as directed = Sometimes, with braces for adults near Gardner, KS, appliances need to be added to get the perfect desired result. These can include things like rubber bands or retainers. If you are trying to get the best possible result, always wear these appliances exactly as Dr. Heidi Harman directs. To ensure that you don’t forget, make them part of your routine. Allot time daily (at the same time, perhaps after lunch or right when you wake up) to care for your braces and appliances properly so that eventually it feels second nature, not only guaranteeing that you are always following the proper care directions, but also eliminating the stress of finding time in the day to worry about orthodontics.


For patients with adult braces near Gardner, KS, there is often a concern that braces will not fit well into their busy schedules, and that orthodontic care will become a burden. By following these simple steps above, adults can ensure that they have an enjoyable orthodontic treatment that will result in a perfect and beautiful smile at the end! If you have any questions, contact Dr. Heidi Harman at (913) 782-7223.