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What is a Good Age to Get Braces?

What is a good age to get braces

Are you wondering, “What is a good age to get braces?” The answer is any age between around age eight and up through adulthood. Notably, the first screening by an orthodontist is recommended by age seven.  Between age eight and 14, kids have lost most of their baby teeth. Then, braces can guide the permanent teeth into their ideal positions.  From age seven, interceptive treatment can help reduce the time needed for braces. Braces Create Perfect Smiles at Almost Any Age Today, more adults …


Braces: Managing The Costs

braces kearney mo

Dr. Heidi Harman is a highly favored orthodontist specializing in treatment such as braces and Invisalign throughout Kansas City and the surrounding areas of Missouri. At H2O Orthodontics, it is our goal to provide high quality orthodontic care at an affordable price for our patients. How Much Do Braces Cost? The average cost of braces can vary for each individual case and is usually dependent on personal factors such as treatment length and location. During your first free visit at …


The Healthy Benefits Behind Getting Braces in Spring Hill, KS

Transform your teeth into a beautiful smile and improve your health with braces or corrective orthodontics like Invisalign. Dr. Heidi Harman Orthodontics near Spring Hill, KS, has helped many patients improve both their appearance and their health. People with malocclusion, a word orthodontists use for bites that don’t align, suffer from a number of different medical issues. Invisalign clear aligners can fix many problems. Tooth decay is one of an orthodontist’s primary concerns with crooked or overcrowded teeth because crowded …