Braces: Managing The Costs

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Dr. Heidi Harman is a highly favored orthodontist specializing in treatment such as braces and Invisalign throughout Kansas City and the surrounding areas of Missouri.

At H2O Orthodontics, it is our goal to provide high quality orthodontic care at an affordable price for our patients.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The average cost of braces can vary for each individual case and is usually dependent on personal factors such as treatment length and location.

During your first free visit at H2O Orthodontics, we will check your insurance coverage and design a plan that tailor fits your treatment needs and budget.  If your insurance does not cover orthodontic care, we have payment plans with interest-free installments to suit monthly budgets.  We also accept debit cards, most major credit cards, and offer family discounts to qualifying patients. We can also factor in use of a Health Savings Account (HSA) that can help keep you up to date and on time with all your payments.

Types of Braces

  • Metal braces – the most common type made of high grade stainless steel, now made to be smaller, durable, and more comfortable then ever.
  • Nickel free – made for patients with a nickel allergy or hypersensitivity
  • Damon braces – self-ligating braces that allows wires to slide back and forth within brackets, eliminating the use of elastics.
  • Clear braces – made of translucent ceramic porcelain that doesn’t stain
  • Gold plated – made of electroplated 24k gold, these luxurious braces are another alternative for people with a nickel allergy or hypersensitivity.
  • Invisalign – clear aligners generated by computer simulation to gradually move teeth. Removable and virtually invisible.

How much does Invisalign cost?

The average cost of Invisalign can actually be comparable to the regular braces cost in certain cases.  Depending on factors such as treatment needs and length, find out if Invisalign is the right choice for you.  It offers unique advantages such as being removable, which allows you to still enjoy your favorite foods and also makes maintenance much easier.  These clear aligners are also virtually invisible, ideal for young teens and adult professionals alike, as they wont interfere with your social or personal life.

If you or someone you know is in need of orthodontic care and located in Kansas City or the surrounding Missouri areas please feel free to contact us today to set up your FREE consultation.  We will be happy to discuss all questions and concerns you may have in order to find the right treatment plan just for you. Call now! (816) 326-8944



The Healthy Benefits Behind Getting Braces in Spring Hill, KS

Transform your teeth into a beautiful smile and improve your health with braces or corrective orthodontics like Invisalign. Dr. Heidi Harman Orthodontics near Spring Hill, KS, has helped many patients improve both their appearance and their health.

People with malocclusion, a word orthodontists use for bites that don’t align, suffer from a number of different medical issues. Invisalign clear aligners can fix many problems.

Tooth decay is one of an orthodontist’s primary concerns with crooked or overcrowded teeth because crowded teeth are more difficult to clean properly. Dr. Heidi Harman has worked with many people in Spring Hill, KS, who have struggled with oral hygiene. Overlapping teeth are difficult to brush and leave bacteria trapped in crevices, and flossing can be painful when teeth are crowded together. 

Malocclusion causes teeth wear with basic daily activities, including talking and chewing. Tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the human body, forms a protective shell around the softer part of teeth, preventing the invasion of microbes. If enamel breaks down, teeth become susceptible to cavities and decay.

The entire body may be affected by oral health issues.

Headaches, neck aches and shoulder pain are common problems. According to top orthodontist Dr. Heidi Harman, some patients in Spring Hill, KS, also report muscle pain in the temples where the lower and upper jaws join near the ears. Invisalign aligners can correct the problem and alleviate the pain, in some cases.

Scientific studies link crooked teeth and bite issues to a number of serious illnesses. The Dr. Heidi Harman cites several important medical research papers. Oral health has been linked to digestion issues, because people with malocclusion may not properly chew. According to another report, there is a connection between poor oral health and irritable bowel syndrome. 

Orthodontists have known for decades that gum disease can be caused by misaligned teeth. Recent research has linked the inflammation of the gums to coronary artery disease. Dr. Heidi Harman notes that people with malocclusion also may be at risk for a stroke or heart attack.

A British research team recently studied people who died with Alzheimer’s disease. They found the presence of a bacterium in the brain of seniors who had experienced dementia. The same bacteria is linked with chronic periodontal disease.

More than 1 million adults in North America have benefited from braces. Our orthodontist office near Spring Hill, KS, has helped hundreds of patients attain their best smile and improved overall health with clear Invisalign aligners and braces.