Nicole Prairie – Village, KS


Orthodontic Treatment for Jaw Pain, Headaches, and TMJ Due to Over Correction by a Previous Orthodontist:

Dr. Harman’s office is bright, cheery and efficiently staffed. I was scheduled for a thorough oral examination to see what could be done about my TMJ pain. At our consultation, she explained that when my teeth had been straightened several years before by someone else, my bite had been over corrected. This was causing me to suffer headaches from constantly clenching my jaws. Dr. Harman outlined a treatment plan that would alleviate the pain while maintaining my nice straight teeth. Needless to say, the orthodontics worked perfectly! I have a great smile that is pain-free. Dr. Harman’s staff is also a delight. They are polite, professional and were very accommodating while scheduling appointments with my hectic schedule. I highly recommend that any adult who needs orthodontic work sees Dr. Harman. She will fix your smile too!