Katie Lyn – Kansas City, MO


Braces for Adults with Dental Implants:

As a result of tooth decay, not wearing my retainers and a few other reasons, I found myself in the chair of an oral surgeon getting a consultation for full mouth implants. The oral surgeon recommended Heidi Harmon and told me that she was the absolute best orthodontist in the Greater Kansas City Area. He is right! Thank you Heidi for all your professionalism, your kindness, understanding and gentle touch! Your orthodontic assistants are fabulous with your patients and make sure that every person is cared for during each office visit and in-between. Thank you for having someone on-call 24-hours a day! Thank you for staying in touch with my primary care dentist. Thank you for always being available for those emergency lunch time visits to have my wires re-done. Thank you for taking my wires out so I could have my cleanings done. Thank you for being such an incredible woman! I am happy to recommend anyone at ANY AGE. If you are considering orthodontic care, you owe it to yourself to come meet Dr. Harman. She is worth the drive from any distance to receive your treatment.