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      Early Expansion (age 7)- Before expansion patients upper canine teeth were impacted, and had severe crowding. After expansion; before braces there was no longer any crowding.


      Early Expansion (Age 6)- Before expansion patient had anterior openbite. After upper expansion and BEFORE braces the patient no longer had an openbite, and had no tooth extractions. Ready for braces!


      Early Expansion (age 7)- Before expansion patient was severely crowded! After upper expansion but before braces NO extractions will be necessary to finish this case!


      Adult Male (Age 48)- severe anterior openbite before braces.. He had braces only, no extractions and no jaw surgery!


      Adult Male- (Potential jaw surgery case)-severe anterior openbite. He had braces only and no jaw surgery!


      Early Expansion (age 7)- Before upper expansion patient had lower crowding and lower receded gum lines. After only upper expansion, before braces lower crowding and gum recession passively disappeared.