Tim and Maureen – Overland Park, KS

Orthodontic Treatment for Patients with Structural Damage to Their Jaw:

Our daughter, Taylor, went to see Dr. Harman for a consult in March 2006. It was suggested that she might need braces. During her consultation exam, Dr. Harman found a cyst that was causing extensive damage to our daughter’s jaw. This cyst was undetected by our family dentist and another orthodontist. Taylor had the cyst surgically removed and began her treatment with Dr. Harman the following July. Dr. Harman has had many other obstacles in treating Taylor. She did a fabulous job of coordinating with our new dentist and the oral surgeons who had to do further work with Taylor. We would, without reservation, recommend Dr. Harman to anyone needing braces. In fact, our other children will soon be her patients.

Nicole Prairie – Village, KS

Orthodontic Treatment for Jaw Pain, Headaches, and TMJ Due to Over Correction by a Previous Orthodontist:

Dr. Harman’s office is bright, cheery and efficiently staffed. I was scheduled for a thorough oral examination to see what could be done about my TMJ pain. At our consultation, she explained that when my teeth had been straightened several years before by someone else, my bite had been over corrected. This was causing me to suffer headaches from constantly clenching my jaws. Dr. Harman outlined a treatment plan that would alleviate the pain while maintaining my nice straight teeth. Needless to say, the orthodontics worked perfectly! I have a great smile that is pain-free. Dr. Harman’s staff is also a delight. They are polite, professional and were very accommodating while scheduling appointments with my hectic schedule. I highly recommend that any adult who needs orthodontic work sees Dr. Harman. She will fix your smile too!

Karen – Overland Park, KS

Early and Adult Orthodontic Treatment with Braces for the Whole Family:

My daughter and I had orthodontic treatment from Dr. Heidi Harman and her staff. Our dentist initially recommended us to H2O. My daughter started treatment with H2O when she was in the third grade. She was totally finished with her treatment by the eighth grade. After discussing some bite problems I was having, I, too, decided to be treated by H2O. My daughter and I are both very pleased with the results. My daughter’s smile is beautiful. She even had difficulties with some pronunciation of words, but all of that was corrected with the ortho treatments. She now is a confident high school student who loves her smile. Due to problems with my bite, I was chipping my teeth. With the corrections that H2O made, I have a good smile and have not chipped any more teeth. The staff at H2O was always professional, courteous and friendly. We were never kept waiting. We were always seen by a staff member and checked by Dr. Harman. I would recommend Dr. Harman and H2O to anyone who wants a beautiful, healthy smile.

Katie Lyn – Kansas City, MO

Braces for Adults with Dental Implants:

As a result of tooth decay, not wearing my retainers and a few other reasons, I found myself in the chair of an oral surgeon getting a consultation for full mouth implants. The oral surgeon recommended Heidi Harmon and told me that she was the absolute best orthodontist in the Greater Kansas City Area. He is right! Thank you Heidi for all your professionalism, your kindness, understanding and gentle touch! Your orthodontic assistants are fabulous with your patients and make sure that every person is cared for during each office visit and in-between. Thank you for having someone on-call 24-hours a day! Thank you for staying in touch with my primary care dentist. Thank you for always being available for those emergency lunch time visits to have my wires re-done. Thank you for taking my wires out so I could have my cleanings done. Thank you for being such an incredible woman! I am happy to recommend anyone at ANY AGE. If you are considering orthodontic care, you owe it to yourself to come meet Dr. Harman. She is worth the drive from any distance to receive your treatment.

Edwin A. Cortez, M.D., F.A.C.S. – Leawood, KS

Physician Recommended Orthodontic Treatment for All Ages:

I am a cosmetic surgeon who is very aware of the importance of good dental occlusion both for functional and cosmetic reasons. When my general dentist told me that even though I’d had orthodontics as a teenager, my occlusion was off significantly and that my teeth and jaw joints could be injured, I immediately began inquiring in the dental community about orthodontists. Everyone that I contacted about orthodontic care gave me the same name, Heidi Harman. I was told that she was an astute diagnostician, excellent technician and a very caring professional. Four years ago Heidi Harman did my orthodontics for a period of 18 months. All I can say is that my referrals were absolutely correct. My care was terrific, and my results were outstanding. Currently, my son is undergoing orthodontics with Dr. Harman, and both of my nieces have been treated by her. I refer all of my patients, family members and friends to Dr. Harman. Her expertise in orthodontics, great office atmosphere and staff make her No. 1 on my referral list. If you need any personal recommendations, don’t hesitate to call me.

Paula – Olathe, KS

Extraction Free Orthodontic Treatment for Crowding and Gaps in Your Children’s Smiles:

Dr. Heidi Harman was highly recommended by our new physician, and I made the appointment. Dr. Harman and her staff were very knowledgeable on the most recent orthodontic procedures and how to approach our daughter’s specific mouth concerns. A plan of action was conceived and the procedure began without extractions. We are now two years into our daughter’s orthodontic journey, and an incredible change has taken place with her teeth and her smile. Although the braces are still on, we expect to have them removed by spring and her smile will be beautiful. Our son has also started with Dr. Harman even though he is only 8 years old. At the age of 7, Dr. Harman placed an expander in his mouth to create more room for the adult teeth. He also had a large gap in his front teeth, to which Dr. Harman placed brackets to correct the gap. In less than one month, the gap was gone, and I was amazed. We are now waiting for the additional teeth to come into place for treatment to continue. We have been extremely pleased with the expertise, cleanliness of the facilities and the kindness to which we have been shown. If you are considering Dr. Harman as the next step in you or your child’s orthodonture, look no more — she is your answer.

Susan – Olathe, KS

Orthodontic Treatment for Your Family and Friends:

I, along with my two sons, Jason and Brandon, were patients of Dr. Heidi Harman. The final outcome of each of our treatments exceeded my highest expectations. I was impressed with the interaction that my sons and I had not only with Dr. Harman, but her staff as well. They are well-trained and always willing to answer any questions in a friendly, professional manner. Because of the favorable experience my family had with Dr. Harman, I have referred my friends needing orthodontics work to Dr. Harman. Every one of them has expressed similar feelings regarding the superior outcome of their treatments. I have not had one negative comment from any friends that have had treatment from Dr. Harman. In conclusion, Dr. Harman is a perfectionist and every time I smile, I am reminded of her great work.

Peg and Katelin – Olathe, KS

Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign and Braces for the Whole Family:

From the moment you step through the door, you will feel welcomed. Not quite sure on what to expect, Dr. Harman and her staff were very informative and friendly. Our experience was great, and by the time the process was complete, we felt like part of their family. We would not hesitate referring anyone to Dr. Harman Orthodontics.

Amy – Lenexa, KS

Braces for Adults in Kansas City and the Surrounding Area:

Dr. Harman and her staff have made getting braces for a professional adult as easy as possible. With two locations, timely solutions and a very knowledgeable, helpful staff, the process went just as smoothly as I had hoped. I love my new smile!

Clara – Leawood, KS

Extraction Free Orthodontic Treatment for TMJ, Crowding, Underbites, and Crooked Teeth:

I had a TMJ problem, and my oral surgeon said I needed surgery and then braces. I researched it and went to four different orthodontists. After the consult with Dr. Harman, I felt she knew exactly what to do. I could not have asked for a better outcome. After I was done, then my older son had an expander and braces. After that, my husband, who had considered braces for years, decided to go to Dr. Harman for a consult. His teeth and bite were very off. He had reservations about braces because before, orthodontists had said he had to have two teeth pulled. Dr. Harman said she would try her best to not pull any teeth. After two years in braces and no teeth pulled, he has a beautiful smile and straight teeth. Now my youngest son is in braces. He has a bad underbite and a narrow mouth, so Dr. Harman has a lot of work to do on his mouth, but I have the utmost confidence that she will do a great job. I would recommend anyone who is considering braces to use Dr. Harman. She is a very smart and caring doctor. Her staff is always kind and patient. I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with her office.